Wifi Device Order

Hire a wireless internet dongle to use while you are in London or anywhere in the United Kingdom. The Wireless wifi dongle can be positioned anywhere because it requires "NO" installation or wires (inbuilt rechargeable battery). The wifi dongle weighs aproximately 10 grams (as light as a mobile phone) and it is easy to carry around with you while you remain connected to the internet.


London Wifi internet rental package includes

  • 4G Fast mobile broadband internet (portable, so no need for wires)
  • Connect to the internet within 2 minutes
  • Wifi internet device that can fit into your pocket
  • Connect to the internet while in your house, hotel, hostel,on the move, or outide in the park
  • Connect upto 10 wifi enabled devices to the internet at the same time
  • its just like having your own personal hotspot internet
  • Device would be delivered to your U.K hotel, house or flat/apartment (any residential address), B&B, hostel or office (ANY U.K address)
  • includes a return postage envelope (already paid by us) for posting the device back to us, by popping it into any U.K post box (post boxes are on every street in the U.K).
  • get upto 6GB (6000MB)internet data download
  • Your package would include: wifi device (with inbuilt battery, fully charged), battery charging plug, instructions (including the password)
  • Last minute order? Thats fine, we can deliver the device to you within 24 to 30 hours after your order has been confirmed(on a weekday). If you order in advance, we always aim to get the dongle delivered to your accommodation (delivery address) a day before your arrival date.

Questions? email info@londonwirelessinternet.com

Step One

Wifi Package Features What you get with your rental package

Device Features

Portable internet Device Dimensions
Size: 88 x 88 x 14.8 mm Weight: 136 g
Connect up to 8 devices
You can connect up to 8 different wifi-enabled devices like your smart phone (Example:iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, and lots more), tablet (Example: iPad, Galaxy, any any wifi enable tablet) to the internet through the wireless internet device

What is in the Package

A portable wireless internet connection device that allows you to connect to the internet
Mains Charger (socket charger) with a 3 pinnsocket for plugging and charging the device. After it has charged, you can unplug the cable and take the device anywhere you go.
A mini guidience manual with your log-in details for connecting to the wifi device
A return postage envelope (already paid by us) that you can use in sending the device back to us at the end of your hire/rental period
Device would be already be preloaded with internet data (upto 6000MB/6GB of internet data)

How do I get the device

We can deliver the wifi internet package to any U.K address of your choice
Staying at a hotel or hostel while you are in London/in the UK? The package would be reserved for you at the reception of your hotel so that you can collect it as you check into the hotel
If you are staying (or plan on staying) in a house or apartment/flat within the United Kingdom, the device can be delivered to your accommodation.
We can deliver the device to your office